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Default Re: Lucid Dreaming, Skrying & Projection

Originally Posted by GhostLaced
co sign

yea man thats that sleep paralysis. Its linked exactly to lucid dreamin, they think theres a connection there between them. And those voices you heard are what you hear just when you try to stay awake just before you go to sleep.
good then, i thought i was going crazy. i woke up one time and couldn't move or speak, all i could do was look around and it was one of the weirdest moments of my life. sometimes i hear/think people are talking to me when i'm about drop off into sleep mode; it's the transition, the space between sleep and consciousness that always comes wild. there's been some times when i was not quite asleep, but i thought i was somewhere else, with some people, just talking to them, and then i'd snap out of it real confused like, thinking i was really there. it wasn't like a dream, it was like my mind soared off somewhere else. i don't know how to describe it. and my dreams are always real fuckin' weird. sometimes i'll sleep for 15 minute intervals because every time i go back to sleep i start a new dream and you actually have some control over what you're doing; try it sometime, it's good for practice. i'd like to look more into out-of-body experiences though, has anybody gone through these?

and another thing, this may sound kind of weird but have any of ever dreamt you did some kind of drug in the dream, and then you wake up for a few brief moments and feel incredibly fucked up in some way you've never felt before?
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