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Originally Posted by phadde96 View Post
Despite his often bad choices of beats the last years, leading to uninspired verses imo, I have huge respect for what he tried to do on "The Champion", and the fact that he got so little praise for that complex rhyme structure is a shame.
Agreed. That rhyme scheme in The Champion was inspired. One of the most original flows in a while.

Too bad the beat was eh and the hook was dumb.

But that just sums up Deck's career, doesn't it? Good verses and bad beats/hooks.

Also, his whole steez for the past decade has been "generic East Coast gangsta rapper." As good as his flow is, I'm not too interested in hearing what Deck has to say. Like, on "C.R.E.A.M." he had something to say, and a unique way of saying it. Now it's just blah blah blah guns.

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