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5/27/03: the struggle makes you appreciate the hustle
smoke a tree all the way down to a stubble
be around those who appreciate and love you
beer kegs and bar-b-q grills to stuff you
let your blood pressure go down like the limbo
baby’s back got any man wanting to tip-toe
picnic baskets in Fairmount Park
and going to the bathroom on tree bark
respect your mama,
Mary J. Bligh style no more drama
no bad karma
turn the news off, if for only one day
no mention about the drugs and gunplay
the slugs and the murder rate, the tears on a mother face
the dead-beat daddies and friends who can all relate
to coming up being raised in a castle of queens
kicked out to be raised on the corners of streets
father figures in jail or resting in peace
and a wrestless nigga will empty the piece
especially in the memories of an enemy turn ‘em to memories and get charged the felony
so, lets just forget about it...we better off without the
"stress" of being alive, so let’s live without that...

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