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Originally Posted by Killbot View Post
what was the RE and SF vs tekken game like ?
RE was fun my team mates sort of sucked since I was the only one who died lol if you get infected the only way left to respawn is to kill your team mates so i used the grenade to kill myself. i enjoyed the game.

sf x tekken was fun. it just takes a bit to get used to using tekken characters in a sf engine. since most of the people who played arent that big on fighting games i saw lots of ryu/ken, ryu/kazuya, kazuya/ken teams most of the time. i used almost everyone on the tekken side to get a feel of it. i only played it on tuesday didnt get a chance to play it on wed or thurs.

Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
My thoughts on E3:

Konami - It was a pre-show video. It was very good, best moment is when Kojima announced MGS HD and ZOE HD. Even greater news to X-box fans that'll be getting those HD remakes too.
Unisoft - The conference was awkward, full of lame jokes that made nobody laugh. The only good part was Ghost Recon Future Soldier and at the end, where they showed AC Revelations.
EA - Was generally good, specially with a very impressive demo of Battlefield 3.
Microsoft - Same as EA till they started with the Kinec, but ended on a great note with Halo 4. Props to Microsoft.
Nintendo - Same kid shit games on different console Mario, Zelda, Icarus ect...
They announced Wii U and a group of games that appeal to the hardcore gamer. The same games that will be on, and probably will look better on PS3 and X-box. Most of the conference was Nintendo guys talking, a few game video were shown, but they didn't demo any of them. There's a rumor going around that Nintendo actually use some games footage from the PS3 and X-Box.

I sincerely think Wii-U will be nothing different than the Wii. It looks interesting at first but after a time it'll get boring.

Sony - It was the longest conference, the apologies took less than 10 minutes then they started with the games and demos. Like MS it was going good till they started talking about the move. Is even less interesting than the Kinec, but the rebounded back with some more games and the announcement of PS Vita. Even some MORE games were demoed but this time on the PS Vita. Then Ono appeared, announcing SF X Tekken for the handheld plus a unexpected sony exclusive character. I'll admit Im bias towards Sony, but Ps Vita looks and its way more interesting than the Wii U, so...

PS Vita>Wii U = Sony wins.
sony having AT&T for the vita angered LOTS of people. sonys press conference was just boring and long. 3d is still a gimmick. seeing onosan there was just awful dude likes to troll so much and he did. the vita didnt impress me at all. you meant kinect for xbox. the move sucks. kinect with some of the hardcore games looks good but not sure how long will that last. only thing i was hyped for xbox was for gears. mw3 is nothing but the same shit and the funny part of activision is that they have no games on the floor for you to play but lots of people lined up just to go into a small room and listen to them talk about the game. they also had a separate room for the cod premium too and both were 40 mins long from what i heard.

nintendo won the conference. live orchestra ftw. i spent the last day of e3 just to get hands on with the wii u. the line for the wii u was more hyped than the vita and uncharted 3 put together. i got to play chase mii, ghost recon, and a drawing game. i would have played new super mario bros mii but it took too long so i just left and got in like for arkham city. waited 90 mins to play and then day e3 was over for me. e3 this year wasn't as good as last year. plus the swag this year was little compared to last years.

nintendo > sony = microsoft

ea > ubisoft = konami

i hope battlefield 3 lives up to the hype and takes down cod.

konami just for having zone of enders and maybe portable ops for consoles.

ubisoft for asscreed rev and ghost recon. would have been excited for a new rainbow six.

my favorite game from the floor was arkham city and street fighter x tekken.

game i disliked was ninja gaiden 3 for its automatic press one button and watch hayabusa do flashy moves to kill.

sonic generations was fun playing both classic and modern sonic.

captain america should be good hope it goes under the radar like wolverine origins. it does have an arkham asylum feel to it but with sega in charge it might scare people away.

dynasty warriors gundam 3 was fun same thing but should have used the endless waltz suits over wing.

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