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Originally Posted by Jeru View Post
Bought it's one of those: god I've waited for this for so long and this is gonna fucking kick ass things...and it's...meh...I'm not that far into it so I might change this opinion but at first glance...14 years should've been spent a little better IMO
It wasn't developed by the original company. I believe the franchise rights were sold a few years back and a different development company picked up the project.

This recent game was definitely not 14 yrs in the making. I read a really long article in I think WIRED a year ago about how the founder/CEO ran his company into the ground and was sued by his investment board for blowing through all their cash and pushing the sequel completion date back multiple times in the early 2000's. I forget the creators name, but he was a perfectionist and A control freak like Steve Jobs is -yet couldn't deliver in the end.

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You'll cowards dont even drink cock liquor.
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