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Originally Posted by Chevy Chase View Post
W2 is getting more interesting, but there's a whole bunch of conversation I'm not getting. That's what I hate about RPG's, when they make up weird names for stuff and refer to people and places and haven't heard off. It's kind of confusing, especially since I haven't played the first Witcher.

What I like more about Oblivion is that you can walk about and have awesome scenery with different weather types in an open world. I did hate that leveling made no sense because whenever you got better, all your enemies got better too. That's just stupid. Also the caves or whatever all looked the same.
The reason they level the enemies like that is because they want you to be able to explore whenever you want to. I left the prison and just roamed around for hours. If they didn't, you'd be walking around, and then all of a sudden some big ass Daedra would fuck you and kill you.

Bethesda wants to make their game to where you can just explore whenever you want to. In Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian messed up. They put the toughest enemies in a the beginning of the game. So I was walking around at level 4, and then BAM. 6 deathclaws jump me.
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