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...just visited my brother adolf, was adam
did football numbers in prison, now back out d.o.d. 42 years and counting
need c.o.d. upon my release, pressure mountin'
twin jacub back in touch with me since last week
about my books he asked me, need some draft sheets
told him don't set off the trip wire...last weekend they poured it out
a dozen shot up, dead bodies north to south
can't talk directly to me, need a secretary
to holla' at me, take the dicktation, and be on her merry
vesey tho' ain't ready though for that many o's
I needed a chick with me from days on spaghetti o's
I need u to get with me about the bricks in the floor
how you gon' push the product, the storyline's in chalk
...and I ain't dead yet, tho' I was shot to he'll
went down in a' elevator, to where the devil dwells
m. night was on-the-money with that, funny, no laugh
I'm gods' sun though, no dummy know that...
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