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'preciate the love., pardon the violent notes in this next piece, was when I was on mental missions with the bosses...
4/18/03:we was on a route to shake dude, what it take to
get our bakery fresh, is you breaking the bread
or you taking the lead, or skipping off to the feds
let us catch up with him, get his lettuce,
or make ketchup with him, like he mister tomato head
...gun spit from a potato keg
you donít know, a spud be stuck on the barrel,
thatís what Iím saying, to silence the gat, the starch Iím spraying
so when a rat tattle-tells, itís rat-tat-a-tat
and this cat goní have your tongue tied around your neck
and like a bat outtaí hell, Iím at your home base
the chrome taste describes the look on your own face...
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