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ChristO crouching tiger

...I'm just gon' toss another one out there real quick, pardon...
12/22/02:I can spit it acrilic, my syllabis is ballistic
my tongue perform cunnalingus on critics...who get it
the stiff body for the bitches, the realist physics
known to be sicker than aids and syphyllis
the ice sickle-cell cold blooded ridiculus, dick in your larynx
mess around, be the end of ya's
m.a.d. scientist but not the large professor
still looking at the front door entrance
to see most of the crowd pouring in like courvoisier
in the club like splinters,
we fornicate with number 8 shapes, first get in they mental
then hit the dug-out, the backyard, and dental
we can spend centuries like vampires
have the best of me added to your recipe,
stick shift blowing out the rubber tire on the unicycle
I guess a seed planted means survival on such a mean planet
the rivals is three pairs of sneakers under granite
crushed to sand which can make your face the back of a milk brand, it's...nothing
yeah, in this hostile environment my lifestyle residing in
survived surrounded by dying men, columbian smugglers supplying 'em
public housing highrises demolished...the mind is still impoverished
phila. body bag, pistolrangia
still never sleep on strangers, you still see our anger
my chemical balance is still beyond danglers
cardiacs still like a freon chamber
polar caps being peeled on ranges occupied by a population
money oriented occupation
that you canít slow down or stop like constipation
your platoon best to play dead like a possum nation
guns are filled with wavecaps
so your nappy ass can act all you want like you donít know what snipers is aiming at...

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