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Steamy poo? Damn son you never graduated from pre school//
now you trynna be cool// i'll let you catch up so let me teach fool//
one plus one is two, two plus two is four//
Corky plus the mic shittttt!!!! NOOOOOO//
Aight now fuck the maths and lets do some science with it//
Kid your head so hard Iíll defy the laws of physics//
Your mum raped your ass got you afraid to talk to women//
I bust it off with rhythms// walk with visions//
House of flying daggers your head gonna come off like chickens//
when you lay down the law i break it down instantly//
fuck rap you have a big career head in the clown industry//
put on a fake smile// i'm sicker than those that rape child//
i got a great style it's ancient thats why ur mum digs like an archaeologist//
when i'm dropping it atomic//ask Inspectah deck how i flee with the lottery//
what i'm plotting is murderous// son you never heard of this//
so g force me// or that stone will read RIP corky//

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