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ripping the mic gripping ya life killing ya wife while i'm slipping the knife
your spouse in tha house on her period she can't fuck a pussy
you equivalent to nothing but a cookie you just a rookie
you crumble and fumble when it comes to the crunch time
with your weak ass punch lines i just sit back watch the funds climb
so don't even think of coming like a nuns mind it's lunch time
spit flows get hoes i'm a what? I paint that shit gold
change the whole atmosphere when i rip flows your chick knows
you're chances on Jenny Craig they keep on getting slimmer
the psychologist getting in ya in ta ya head like a psychic
grab the mic you die quick you wanna flip it like this aight kid
i'm mixing deadly Chemicals you can analyze this when i burn you third degree
you ain't hurting me you never dropped science nigga stop lyin
before your mouth gets burned with hot iron
see through people beat crews streets dudes flee too, the weather is cruel
imma fucking eat you then teach to not to be rude to niggaz better than you.

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