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ChristO crouching tiger
Default to the morning star, listen...

...the morning star, star in the morning, atheist
I know how he made his way to philly pa with his
philosophies, shiii, the cover-up that won’t come up
‘cause lucifer lives inside a grunt, his code shut up [omerta]
’06 tried to exist thru me, yours truly
dropped in 6 of ’69, my mind’s thoughts screwy
the chamber was 3-6’s, r.c.a.’s mind control [since 1919?]
until gods showed up, they was in shock, lost control
got it back with the contracts, not at a loss for souls
so I broke it down, r.eturn of c.hrist a.gain, on a roll
life as a gamble, and kenny owe my pop for notes
I’m trying to avoid the chip, but so many eyes have dozed
I ain’t gon’ lie, my name broke down ‘96
to ant christ, so who put me here, ‘cause this trial is fixed
trying to have me doubt who I am or what this about
I couldn’t give a flyin’ shit, my ass still on this ground
I would put a jersey on, but they dunno the half of it
joab the culprit, philapa buried halves of ‘em...
...nowadays, n!ggas got cartoon faces
soft as baby waste, it’s a crying shame truth faded
...yeh, but I’m still here, you’z choose not to hear me
cryin’ game-asses, 6s on the face a’ weaklin’s
I looks ‘em in the grill, they look away, these ain’t angels
best bet shoulda’ dealt with the culture that pertain to you...
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