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Default false peace

...yeh, luci, they know we’re enemies as it is written
false peace here ain’t ever gon’ be the premise
you betta’ maintain ya’ distance and send the b8tches
that piece the only peace I’ll accept, that’s the business
how did copulation get classified as sex shit
who got the population obsessed with three sixes
you know you the profit muhammad, have you sensed it
when gabriel was on ya’ ass, came to ya’ senses
I’m not playin’ with your world, that’s my words’ the sword
I’ll have patients to come up to been warned
the goat hide in the five [star] ‘cause you was the mother
wanting vengeance for what you wanted [my (God) seat]
now think the witches gon’ protect you, they thrown swift in a ditch too
wonderin’ how I’m no homo and would kill a bitch crew
if that’s a wavecap, over ya’ head, still you got
the radio airwaves thrown to ya’ head
I ain’t explaining, I’m just decimating
‘til only my shit is resonating,
you won’t find your own way in...the gate, I’m back at galilee [2.15] can remain a shooting gallery ‘til they ask for me...
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