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Originally Posted by BASCO View Post
GTA4 was a big letdown for me and I'm a big fan of the ps2 era trilogy especially San Andreas. While I rlly liked the realistic approach to some stuff, the removal of so many elements that made San Andreas the fun game it was kinda made me feel like something was missing here.
I understand you miss lots of features Gta SA had.. So do I.. But I dont think the game is real let down.. It had some stuff the previous parts didnt. Like custumizeable cell phone, internet, not only being able to fuck the whore, now you can get a handjob, blowjob and a good fuck etc..
Well i think they will add many stuff in the next GTA, stuff SA had and also put new stuff, cuz its needed..

On topic.. I've never played any Saints Row part, but I'm looking forward to this game, according to the trailers..
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