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Im a supreme factor im constantly goin like an over active bladder
im like u in a way except i dont plagerize my own shit i know that im dope
like whats skippin up a nostril justice i just do that
look listen observe and respect the facts
fam above said he slap a herb hard enough to make his day spin back

punch lines like tyson answern calls workin a desk job
See we the students of the old school
1,2 1,2 wu tang land concentrate this verse i craftd
that who should ever reads it it resonates
reverbn through your mental state
wastin the fakes no reception hangin the phonies up by their necks
no exceptions read it and see it like captcha
or get dispatched fastest way to l is straight backwards
we in the game no stripes or a whistle
e. A. Sports so official
next word: Spliff
Right outside.
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