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June 15 is 8 Chicchan. Your soul is an ever-evolving energy cycling through the stages of life, immortal, infinite, omnipotent. In its purest state, your essence easily transcends the heavy, binding chains that those who thrive on fear, falsehood, control, ignorance, malice, and greed impose on those who thrive on love, truth, freedom, knowledge, compassion, and generosity.

June 16 is 9 Cimi/Kame. A day infused with vibrant, life-giving feminine energies. The feminine embodies the divine power to create life, to nurture transformation, to drive evolution. Whether or not you are pregnant now, honor the sacred potential to give life—on so many levels and in so many ways—that you embody.

June 17 is 10 Manik. Channel the authority and respect that you command within your circles, not for the fulfillment of the ego but for the betterment of those around you—regardless of what they may think of you. Remember the power of one only needs a few iterations to expand to a massive volume of energy.

If you can open the eyes of one, you free a generation.

June 18 is 11 Lamat/Q'anil. There is tremendous force in today’s energies that you will need to harness before they steamroll you. Because 11 is a neutral number, its energy can cause the power of Lamat’s abundance and growth to yield results that you may or may not desire—much like that of a great tidal wave or flood: the waters can bring another year of rich harvests or wreak destruction across the land.

‎6/19 is 12 Muluc/Toj. On either side of harmony, there is discord & cacophony. On either side of balance, there is disequilibrium & instability. Accept responsibility for decisions you’ve made and for the things you have caused to manifest, acknowledge your karmic debt, and let Muluc guide you toward the kind of harmony, balance and inner peace you can only gain once you’ve learned to walk that higher middle path.

‎6/20 is 13 Oc/Tz'i. Eastern medicine considers that the patient is just as, if not more, responsible for his/her own health. This means having not only the knowledge but the authority to decide how best to heal your body and maintain strong, vibrant health long into the future. Today, harness the psychic energy of 13 to tune into your body and go straight to the core of whatever ails you or needs attention now.

6/21 today is 1 Batz! the monkey comes down from the treetops and is already wreaking his rascally havoc all round

June 22 is 2 Eb. Sooner or later, all paths come to a crossroads. Ka (2) presents you with a choice between two options at this point of your life’s journey—consider them carefully, for once you turn onto a certain route, the farther along you travel, the more difficult it is to return. But tarry not too long in choosing, either, for indecision can lead to stagnation... and Ka won’t keep the doors open forever.

June 23 is 3 Ben/Aj. You may experience some level of uncertainty or challenge on the home front today, or possibly with your children, or parents, as the case may be. Rather than address the issue from an authoritarian standpoint—especially if you’re the parent—try a little playfulness, a little creativity to approach it from a different angle. It may seem risky, but without risk there is little discovery.

June 24 is 4 Ix. Awaken the natural artist and creator within you, and walk with Ix, the Jaguar, to the four corners of your psyche—the North, South, East and West of your soul—to reaquaint yourself with your essence, your creativity, your skills and talents so that you may thrive once again as a complete human being rather than the box or label modern society wants you to be.

Reconnect with your source!

June 26 is 6 Cib. At first glance, Uac may appear to contradict the very essence of Cib: its practical focus on the here & now contrasted with Cib's ancestral wisdom and old soul energy. In fact, few energies are more compatible—the most practically applicable knowledge and insights generally come from the elders, the ancestors, those who precede us. Honor the paths paved by your ancestors

June 27 is 7 Caban. Deep introspection rules the day, but since this is Chuen’s trecena, you might want to crack that door open a bit and let in some fresh air. Think thoughts you don’t usually dare!

But, as with all things, do think twice before turning them to action. That’s the danger of Seven—as the middle number of the thirteen, it represents complete neutrality, and can go either way.

June 28 is 8 Etznab. Children can teach you how to see the world the way it really is, not the way we adults have made it out to be. If you want to heal all the pain accumulated over a lifetime and shed all the burdens modern life loads onto our shoulders, then remember how to laugh for no reason, roll around on the grass, stare at the sky for hours, and forget how to feel guilt, shame, envy, ambition and malice.

P.ositive E.nergy A.lways C.onquers E.vil

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