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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
been trying to speak on this for a while - most of us natives who were here, are no longer existing as tribes - today, we are simply called "black people, african americans, or just straight up niggers"

the experiment is to water down the features of the original native and marry into tribes - and the caucasian has been successful in infiltrating and marrying into so called native tribes - York reestablished a tribe or 2 and gave BACK to us our names and true traditions - you don't have access to records of all of the tribes who were here
You know we built on this for more than a minute off the forums. I don't know why you think you're the only one that's been called a nigger on this board.

I don't have access to records of all the tribes:

Yes this is true. I doubt any one can make that claim.

A lot of tribes have to fight to be recognized by different governments (US, MEXICO, CANADA, etc..). What I'm saying is their are tribes that are legitimate and need to be recognized and then those that are trying to take advantage of tribal sovereignty just to do things- like build casinos.

York is clearly one of the individuals that is trying to take advantage.

You can't deny that both Caucasian and Africans have married into the tribes.

It's insult to those that were actually raised in traditional ways when other's imitate our culture to try and turn a profit.

But what YORK is doing is taking a CAUCASIAN theory* and trying to lay claim on it for the purpose of personal gain-

*Claiming that native Americans crossed the bearing straight at some point

- and then putting his spin on it saying they married with people of egypt who migrated first.

Native Americans already know that we were here on this continent. NO kind of migration took place for the originals peoples. It's in our oral and written history. But everyone wants white wash our history.

I've never denied that there weren't migrations at some point. The fact still remains that there were people on this continent before those migrations. I've always tried to speak up for that minority, because we are the minority in this country and the world. I won't ever let our voice be drowned out.

Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post
thanks for the input sunny (+ REP) one of the reasons i message you about this thread is because i knew you are a bigger advocate than what me and v are and it would be good to hear your opinion
First of all, V is from a real tribe. He could tell you the history of that tribe in a second. But I'll let the man speak on his own position on the topic.

Second, don't have Sunny come and debate your battles. (- REP ) If you need Sensi to come in and fight for you, stop starting arguments you can't finish.

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