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Check my shaolin swag
i walk up to a 100 men
and slap the biggest 1 with the weak hand
and jump n 2 a horse stance perfect balance
you wanna contend still so i aint gone say shit
just show you my back hand stiffly
thats the snub nose jab feel like you crashed n 2 the median
this all real no jack you know im no comedian
shaolin swag like paid n full $100,000
no hesitate mind right 9 tight ready 4 war fam
you still tryna shine bright get your lines tight
your shit fully blown sore you think you battlin
where'd you stole your scheme you and your gat team
definitely cut from another cloth hemmed with diff seams
im like runnin n 2 your favorite rapper you just never see it comin
you star struck like a celebrity snuff
shaolin swag supreme magnetic just to the flow now you know
but you wont live to regret it
next weapon: saturday night special
Right outside.
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