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Default The driver shot jfk on 11-22-63...CASE CLOSED

The Zapruder, Nix, and Muchmore films have always proven Jfk's real assassin was the driver, William Greer
The silly goon who shot jfk is on the right, the passenger in the middle.

The driver shot JFK clearly and obviously but the nix and muchmore films needed to be examined closer and compared to Zapruder and that someone turned out to be me.
Dailymotion - jfk assassination films-orville nix - a News & Politics video

The Nix film close-up shows Greer's left arm crossing his right shoulder in unison with the headshot. The fakery in Zapruder and Greer's arm crossing in both other films are in perfect sync with the headshot.

I got this gif from this clip. Start it at 1:09 and see Greer quickly moving his left arm over his shoulder in unison with the headshot. The nix film was not shown close-up but when this sequence is zoomed in on the limo, this whopper is revealed. The goons covered those movements with fakery in the zfilm but didn't bother with the nix film.

Greer passes the gun in Z and his left hand goes missing because the film pans upward. There is no evidence in Zapruder that his left hand ever returned to the wheel. At least a few researchers have outright lied about Greer's hands not leaving the wheel when it's crystal clear in the frames.

Zapruder clearly shows the cartoon additions that are Greer's hand, arm, and gun forming and moving toward jfk when he shot Kennedy. The fake reflection recoils like a gun when the gun discharges and it separates from the passenger's head furthing proving it an obvious fake.

The muchmore film was purposely distorted and blurred but the clear copy can be found which shows his left arm extending downward after he shot jfk.

Watch his left/arm elbow coming down after the shot. There's an obstructed view running forward but all that has to be done is start from the end and run forward again when it comes down.

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