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Default Re: Lucid Dreaming, Skrying & Projection

Originally Posted by TeknicelStylez
Check it out, this is where my shit got fucked up. I was sleeping in my sisters room one night cuz she wasn't home. So I go to sleep, all of a sudden I wake up while I'm sleeping, and my whole body was just frozen. I didn't know wtf what was going on so I started freaking out. I was trying to call for my mom or just scream but I couldn't do shit. I waited for a while than I just woke up in cold sweats. I was young at the time so I didn't know wtf happened and I wouldn't go back to sleep for like 3 days after that.

I remember a slight whispering while this was going on, does this ring a bell for anybody?
feel you man, I used to go through that 2-3 times a week sometimes
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