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Originally Posted by derek41 View Post
Chronic 2001 was boring as fuck. Cold 187um made better beats on above the law's legends album. The chronic is a classic to me. Dre was in his prime with the beats, snoop sounded so tight when he first came out and you could tell that the whole death row camp was hungry as fuck. The chronic and uncle sam's curse are two of my favorite hip hop albums ever. Chronic 2001 had some decent beats but the mc's came off wack as fuck to me.

Thank You

I feel the same way about the 2001 album, although I really thought the beats were incredible, but the half assed rapping on the album kills the replay value on it

Eminem & Xzibit were the Only MC's who showed up to work on the album, other then that what did you have???

Hittman??.........Ms. Roq???.............Six-2??............Time Bomb???

Who the fuck are they??.........I dont think its a coincidence that were never heard of them before this record, and we never heard from them again after this record

Not to Mention Kurupt phoned in the absolute worst performance of his career on "Xxxplosive"...........

"Bitch Nigga, Your more of a Bitch then a bitch"

Always thought that album was grossly overrated
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