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Derek41, have you heard a funny skit on Gang Starr's The Ownerz album? DJ Premier speaks the truth about rap being shitty now and he says hey yo, what the fuck is this shit ya'll are listening to on the radio nowadays man? You call that shit hip hop? That's some faggot bitch shit ya'll are listening to hahahahahahahahahahahaha. All you dj's are letting the program directors handcuff you and sit there and tell you how to mix. You fucking robots LOL. Fuck ya'll LOL.

Derek41, do you like MC Ren of NWA? I figured since you like 90's westcoast rappers that you would like NWA. Have you heard MC Ren's solo albums? I got all of them. I like Kiss My Black Azz and Shock Of The Hour albums the most outta the 4 albums he's done. The Villain In Black and Ruthless For Life albums were disappointing but i like The Villain In Black more than Ruthless For Life. He got a hard song on Ruthless For Life with Ice Cube called Comin After You. I was listening to that yesterday on Youtube because i hadn't heard it in a long time. I like the hook when they say you fake ass ballers who we talking to. Lying on records bout what you do LOL. The shit ya'll doing is played out and through. You come with that shit, we coming after you LOL.

Ren has a funny skit on Kiss My Black Azz before the song Right Up My Alley comes on. Ren is talking to a friend of his who's a drug dealer and the conversation goes like this. Ren says what up Bob nigga. The guy says chilling loc, trying to make them ends. The guy says i'm about to serve some smokers in the alley. Ren says right right right LOL. The guy says why don't you bare with me loc. Ren says you got it, let's go up here. So they start walking and Ren's friend says ain't that them punk ass niggas i told to get up outta here LOL. Ren says there go some punk ass muthafuckas over there yeah LOL. So Ren's friend starts arguing with the other guys and Ren says chill out dawg, chill out dawg LOL. Ren's friend says check this out nigga and he shoots a gun at somebody. Ren's friend starts kicking the guy he shot and he says when i tell you to get up outta here now, you get up outta here nigga LOL. Ren says let's raise up nigga, let's raise up and they start running LOL.

There's another funny skit on Ren's The Villain In Black album before the song Live From Compton Saturday Night comes on and he's talking to your boy Hutch of Above The Law on the phone. Ren says hello. Hutch says what's up man. I'm just calling to see what's going down man. Ren says i'm about to rest dawg. Hutch says it's Saturday man and you talking about rest. Ren says i was up at the studio all night last night. Hutch said man fuck that studio shit LOL. Let's go get some blunts, some bitches, let's do something hahahahahahahahahaha. Ren says hey hey fuck what you talking about and he hung up on him LOL. Hutch said Ren Ren, aww a nigga gon hang up on a nigga and shit LOL.
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