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Default Debunking a defeated moderator is totally pathetic

Originally Posted by kirin-rex View Post
To do that, 7, I would have to show a person shot from behind while in an accelerating vehicle.

You see, 7, the head goes forward because of the shot, and then as Greer accelerates, the body (and the head) goes backward.

It's basic physics.
This is why real trolls never try anything besides denials because you walk right into looking stupid. You are first person to ever claim Greer went backward because Greer stepped on the gas.LOLhumbs: If YOUR stupid explanation was true then at least one person besides jfk would have went backward but no one does because your stupid reason is just that, stupid. After Greer shoots jfk he accelerates and the passenger goes forward to retreive the gun Greer dropped to the floor. He went in the opposite direction that he would have if the acceleration was great enough but it obviously was NOT. YOU ARE DEBUNKED BY VIDEO EVIDENCE AND COMMON SENSE.

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