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Default Re: If You Had To Have Sex With Somebody On The Corp. Who Would You Pick?

BigBen...I feel so special...I think that is the first I have ever made a list of any kind on this forum...water, lunch and the ladies sounds good to me too...I'd take ya up on it in a second if I were single!

36 seems to want to see pics and as far as I can tell he is the boss here...but everytime I post a pic it is all huge and the shit frustrates me.... so here is a link to my myspace account w/pics...I'd post up the real naughty ones but I dont trust ya horny little bastids!

I think if I had to have sex with someone from Wu corp it would be BigBen...although I could think of a few others at least too...and of course the ladies who love Wu are all hot cauze that is just plain sexy in itself! Love to all.

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