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Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
i haven't lost sleep over a pirate game since that 1992 nlcs game... until last night. fucking umpire

I think he tagged him. Ump blew that call. I can't believe the Pirates are only 1 game out of first.

My White Sox are 3.5 games back out of first in a weak division. We just dealt our expiring contract Edwin Jackson to the Jays for a reliever and a decent pitching prospect. We also unloaded 3B Teahen's contract for much needed cap space.

Alex Rios and Adam Dunn are BUMS. Alex Rios has been benched for a rookie De Aza playing CF for us who just hit a HR in his first AB for us since being called up from AAA Charlotte. We pay Adam Dunn and Rios over $20 Million per year and neither of them can hit .200 for us.

Ervin Santana pitched a no hitter against Cleveland, but they still got a run? How did that happen?
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