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Default new CASSIDY I'am a Hustla is as wack as his last album

Yo, I thought I would listen to the new CASSIDY I'am a HUSTLA album, even though the last record I heard from CASSIDY SPLIT PERSONALITY was on some straight bubblegum pop garbage......I have been told that CASSIDY was some sort of battle rapper and that his new record was more street or hard.......well

.....the new CASSIDY record sounds as lame and bubblegum as his last record.....songs like "BELLYBUTTON" and "C'-BONICS" are fuckin pathetic......and are just as bubblegum as the next CHINGY this dude may be good on mixtapes.....but he cant rap on a album to save his life

Like it seems so forced how is trying to get some respect as a "Hustla" and a "B-Boy" now....but they seem so forced...........dude is fuckin wack far as wanting to see girls "bellybuttons", I am sure he is going to see more than bellybuttons in the clink.

dude is a creampuff........

BELLYBUTTONS is my vote for gayest song of 2005! listen and laugh
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