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Default Re: Lucid Dreaming, Skrying & Projection

Originally Posted by BrokenWrists
Is meditation the same as sleeping?

It's the opposite.

This is why a Buddha is an "Awakened One", because his Consciousness is no longer trapped within the ego(s).

For higher levels of Meditation, we are taught to be in a sleepy state, yet, with the Consciousness completely awake.

For example, in Dream Yoga/Astral Travel, what we want, is for the Physical Body to fall asleep while the Consciousness stays awake, so that it can utilize the Astral Body, or Mental Body, Causal Body, etc.

The Physical Body has to be asleep in order for any of our other bodies to seperate from it, while the Consciousness has control of said body in its respective Plane.

From a lecture The Science of Meditation

...Of course the passive state of mind, emotions and personality demands a tremendous activity in the Consciousness; this shows us that the more active the Consciousness, the better for reaching its awakening, because that way the Consciousness has to inevitably awaken, being in perpetual activity.

Just now, Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni came to my mind. On a certain occasion, the Great Buddha was sitting under a tree in profound meditation when a man arrived and began to insult the Buddha, trying to hurt him with his words.

After a while, the Buddha opened his eyes and asked the man, “If someone brings you a gift and you do not accept the gift, to whom does this gift belong?”

The man answered, “To the one who brought it, of course.”

Then the Buddha said, “My brother, take your gift; I cannot accept it,” and continued to meditate.

There is a beautiful, sublime lesson. Buddha did not permit his mind or sentiments to react under any circumstances because he was living fully awakened in his Consciousness; there was no outer reaction. That is the way we should behave, dear disciples
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