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Glory Glory Hallelujah....
As Forty Gory Blades Sail Through Ya Medula
I Stand With My Back To You In 1 Maneuver
Profession 1-Winged Nephlim Section Shooter
A Bedtime Story I Shoud Have Wrote Sooner
Sweet Dreams Get Tucked In By Fredy Kruger
Be In Bed With Contortionists Like Karma Sutra
Leave Bitches Mangled Dark Past Vast Illuder :
But You Cannot Forsee What Was Meant To Be
Even Eyes Of A Shinigami Can't See My Future
& Tarrot Cards Don't Decide This Spy's Demise
The Lord Of Illusion Can't See Past My Desguise
I Am A Shark In A Pool Of Blood Born To Thrive
And When My Alies Align We End Lives With 9-
Lines....That Send Shivers Up All Kinds Of Spines
Section 9 : Recline Where The Wise Minds Reside
Ya'll Spittin Nursery Rhymes All Allergic To Mine
Facing No Vactination You Embracing Mutilation
From Satan's Lacerations.....With God's Patience
I Silence Heavy Breathing Vaders Leaving Grazes
On Masked Faces Mind Confined : Lost In Mazes
Faced With Chessboard Lazers This Is Insaneness
Derranged Funny Games Welcome New Neiboughs
4 Justice's Foul Assailents : Shall Remain Nameless
Unlike The Sins Of The Shameless I'm The Hardest
And If You Do Dare To Stare Into The Darkness...
Beware For Dispair & Hardship A Cloaked Starship
This Heartless Bastard Targets Martyred Masters
Martian Marksman : I'm In The Darkness Basking
And Ya'll Can Spit Darts All You Want Quit Asking
I Be Tossin' Spears That Deafen Ears Like Spartans
But When Mine Land They Tower Over Your Arsene
I Do More Than Scar Them They Ascend To Heaven
Ya'll Pretend My Spirit Outlasting Infinate Laughing
Fuck An Ice Grill Maybe This Will Make You Think ?
The Flames In My Eyes Make A Fish Fucking Blink
I'm Disgusting With This Ink Lusting For Her Wink
Hold My Will Till The Last Immortal Become Extint
I'm Looking Over The Edge Like I'm On The Brink....
This Is 1-Wing Elevation From Forsaken Damnation
From Devastation To Elation Destruction To Creation
The Death Of Birth Like The Last Breath Of The Earth
A Coffin Within Itself Emersed In It's Own Burnt Dirt
The Last Card Dealt Did You Seek Wisdom Or Wealth ?
Tiger Stripes On My Belt Heartfelt Stealth Hearts Melt
When My Scorned Touch Is Felt Mourn For Yourself....
Cos No One Else'll Bother No Tomorow Your A Gonna
Sin Conquer Over Honour Heroes Bow Before Monsters
No Groans As The Arrows Of The Righteous Are Flown
You Fucked : Like The Butterfly's Wings Once Touched
Beauty In The Shadow Of Disgust Clutch Elephant Tusks
Knief In The Back Of Trust Am I Washing Off The Rust ?
Or Releasing So I Wont Erupt Or Internally Combust....
On A Journey Till I'm Dust Once Again Huggin' Flames
A Slave To My Own Brain Who's Shown Pain Unashamed
Detained Within These Sessions Of The Lessons Attained
Mythically Established My Status Section's Ultra Magnus
Lyrical Gymnastics Sprayin' Vertabraes Upon The Canvas
Move Effortlessly Like Raphael Pencil Once Brandished
You'll Get Found....Face Down By Bloodhounds Basset
That's Why I Suggest You Stop Provoking The Madness
& His Metaphors Metamorph Into Human Handprints
On Palms Of The Aliens That Landed Happily Stranded
Those That Fell From Hell's Embrace Soul's Outerspace
Repalced : U Rather Draw Blood Than Explore A Debate
Non Belivers Of Fate Eyes Drawn Towards Others Plates
Learn To Wait Your Turn Concerned If You Even Exist....
And It's Displayed To The Masses Graphic Transcripts
Watching The Grins Of The Listeners To Tales Tragic :
Taking White Tablets While We Witnessing Black Magic
I Smile In These Days Of Sadness To Mantain Balance
Meet The Talismanic....With Ink I'm A Kid In Sanpits :
Buiding Manuscripts Buzzing Off That Green Fabric
Cos To Spliffs My Hand's A Magnet Romantic Maveric
Like Your Bitche's Back To My Matress She's Elastic
I Call Her Mrs. Incredible When I Make Her Tremble :
Long For No Medal Unlike The Rest Of You Still Alive
I've Survived The Clutch Of Lust's Knieves : 2 Times
And I Hope There Isn't A 3rd For The Pain Is Absurd
Keep Asking Am I Cursed....What Is My Soul Worth ?
Because I Can't Afford For What My Heart Thirsts....

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