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Originally Posted by Dirty Knowledge View Post
The Jaguars and the Playoffs should never be intertwined.
They were first in the division in December last year. Just because they are shit on nationally doesn't mean they aren't a solid team. They are not built to go deep in the playoffs but they have a legitimate shot at fighting for the division (especially with Manning possibly missing time) or the last wild card. It's going to be tough but it's possible.

They did upgrade the defence through FA and DT Alualu has been hyped as looking like an All Pro. With Alulalu, Knighton and Poz in the middle I think teams are going to have a very hard time running the ball. They could still get torched in the passing game though. Hopefully Landry makes an impast at safety and can grab a few INT's.

Camp reports from this year and last have been saying McCown has looked better than Garrard. I believe he has a better arm and can make more throws. He doesn't have the legs Garrard does though.

As a Jag fan, I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out.
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