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Originally Posted by Killbot View Post
gay wy u not fuckin college sluts ?
none of this snot nose bitches like me. it's either my attitude or my small dick but most likely my attitude. i go to a school full of smart, pretentious assholes. i have no idea why i am there. all the people i hang with and all the bitches i fuck with have low iqs and either didnt graduate with me or are in community college!!! i need community college bitches

Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
Shyhims a movie star now, he probably got raped by Patrick Dempsey.

whatsup mash!
swear to god!!! rae should herb him out and make him one of the dude's who gets robbed in a music video, then throw him a couple hundreds after filming and spit in his face ahahaha that would be very cuban linx status punch you in the face music

just chillin man, smokin blunts and actin hard still
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