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Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
Was gonna make another thread but instead hands up who thinks John Carpenter is a genius? I been watching some of his old flicks again and wow! That guy should be a lot more well known as a director, I mean seriously makes great and thought provoking films about interesting subjects.

The Thing is a great example of him making a film thats weird but not self consciously weird, it just comes out of the story. I think he might be the greatest horror/sci-fi director of all time.

This remake looks completely uninteresting to me.

He was always my favorite horror director as well

The Thing, The Fog, Halloween, Esacape from New York(not horror but still), etc etc etc

Last good movie he made was "In The Mouth of Madness" tho, his newer movies suck

ghosts of Mars = one of the worst movies I've ever seen, shits up there with Attack of the Killer Tomatos
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