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As Ghost said the sheer unlikeliness of the World Trade Center being an inside job is staggering.

Why did 7 WTC fall down?

Most likely explanation: It was on fire. The two largest buildings on the planet fucking collapsed right near it and part of one of them hit it.

If they had all collapsed roughly at once it may have looked staged. But impact 1 was at 8:36 am and collapse of 7 WTC was at 5:21 PM.

7 WTC was collateral damage. There was no psychological victory in destroying it. No one died it was evacuated. The destruction of files and information inside was government stuff. It doesn't really make sense to destroy the third building with explosives and the other two with explosives if you're going to crash planes into only two of them. In fact, that looks retarded.

So common sense says it just fell down. Know what else got destroyed? Fiterman Hall.

In fact most of Lower Manhattan was kind of fucked up by the debris and dust and smoke and general shit storm.

911 was a conspiracy perpetrated by retarded Muslim radicals who clearly have no understanding of basic Islamic ideas like Suicide = You Go to Hell and Suicide =/= Martyrdom. That they managed to mostly pull it off was basic evidence of a fundamental weakness of the American sentiment of being untouchable like Eliot Ness. Since then security is much more strict and no real attacks have occurred. Never underestimate crazy people. Look at that nut in Norway who went on a killing spree that would make GTA players disgusted. One man killed over 200 people (or something the facts don't really matter) an organization of retarded militants could with a lot of luck totally fuck up a lot of shit.

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