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Originally Posted by the silencer View Post
re-up a three year old post for those who never read it...
Thanks for doing that. I love this track, and the reason why it got me here it's because I made a little playlist of songs with this type of lyrical content, and often lyrics that I overlooked when I first listened to them because I wasn't in the right state of mind.

Could expand on the Supreme Mathematics thing?

[I'm convinced: Allah is God, always has been always will be,
you can travel every square inch of the planet earth and still be--
93 million miles away from the sun, til you realize you and the sun is one
like the knowledge.

Allah here does not necessarily refer to the God-in-the-sky creator that Muslims worship...this is the Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head, which is Man (or Original Man)...
because he is then connecting Man to the Sun and the number One---all of which are principles of Supreme Mathematics (and also men=sun has been an archetype of many older mythologies in the past but I ain't gettin into that now..)

[Those who haven't learned get returned, you freaky-ass niggaz get burned
Some people walk around like they ain't concerned with what the hell's goin on inside the world,
Why do grown men molest little girls?
Is it because the girl's breasts had swelled to the size of a woman, although she's 12?
The whole world is sick..sick..sick
trapped up in six..six..six

I think the first portion also coincide with some teachings of Japan theologies, and more importantly ancient Egypt Memphite theology.

As for the last stanza, I think, it refers to the evil in the world influenced by the devil (666).
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