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Originally Posted by claaa7 View Post
thanks for posting, this track is sick, sick sick!!!! Cappa sounds real ill on this, you'll never know if he's gonna be a super star MC or a flat out wack one, it can go from track to track, but here he brought his A-game. the production by Phantom Of The Beats ain't nothing to play with either; there's usually good things coming out of his collaborations with the Wu ("Apollo Kids", all those songs on "More Fish" and "The Movement", "He's A Rebel" 12'', "True Kingz" for Razah).

this track really got me hyped for the Cappa album, and i never get hyped for Cappa's albums anymore.
This goes pretty nice Cap brougth that na-na-na to it and I'm hearin the same/similair sample used on MK's "Grab The Mic" in the background. I was listenin to The Movement bout a week back thinkin where Phantom was at then this emerged....
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