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Originally Posted by main_man View Post
all the mcs came correct.
im not much of a fan of his,but i'd have to say buddens came the rawest.
nigga dissed the industry at an award show.

still dont see the hype around yelawolf though. he did aiight, but was def the weakest in that cypher.

royce a clown. HI RHIANNA. lol
Thats kinda my point about Yelawolf tho, I didnt expect shit from him at all, its like watching some nobody get in the ring with Mayweather and watch him actually stay up for 4 or 5 rounds, cant help but be a lil impressed......

And that "Hi Rhianna" shit Royce started is everywhere today, lol, people on the radio were saying that shit on the way to work this morning, SMH
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