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Pun Would have probably conformed with the times like everyone else who stayed relevant, Pun came out with an R&B flavored single and blew up, so that alone showed he was flexible with giving the radio what they wanted......... A few years after he died he would have probably done the same shit Joe is doing, and everyone on sites like this would have cried about it while he counted his money.......... Dont Flatter yourselves and think Internet respect is important to a man with a family to Feed, If Biggie had lived he would have been the third member of the Shiny Suit Brigade with Puff & Ma$e, Big L would have signed that deal with The Roc and been rapping about Bitches and Money over Neptunes Beats, and Pac would probably just be doing movies for the most part like Ice Cube

Of Course I cant prove any of that but those are my theories
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