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Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
way too much shit

Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Omnibus (50% off wtf)
Aquaman 1,2
Flash 2
FF 11
Journey Into Mystery 630
Venom 8
JL Dark 2
Daredevil 5
I, Vampire 2
Wolvie and the X-Men 1
Hulk 1
Spidey 672
Astonishing X-Men 43
All Star Western 2
Red Wing 4
Spaceman 1 (shit was $1.00 and looks boss as hell)

Time to get reading!

Spent almost $100 even with discount...don't go to the comic store high with extra cash.

yeah wtf happened there...i can think of a bigger drop off in quality though...batman and robin #17.
Wow that's a big pull list!! Great deal on the McFarlane omnibus! It's definitely one on my wish list! Arg I didn't see DD at the shop, I'll have to go back!

I also really enjoyed Wolvie and X-Men. I thought Aquaman was good too, not as good as the first issue but still entertaining.
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