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Default Re: Lucid Dreaming, Skrying & Projection

I see...

The gravest danger for the occultist is to have a bookish culture. The students of occultism who have read excessively are commonly filled with terrible pride. The student who is vain due to the intellect feels as though he is the lord of worldly wisdom. He not only lamentably wastes his time going from school to school, but moreover he closes the door of Initiation for himself, and falls into black magic. We must become like children in order to penetrate into the wisdom of the fire, which is deep within ourselves, in the living profundity of our internal consciousness. There is a need to be humble in order to acquire wisdom. Once we have acquired wisdom, we must be even more humble.

- Igneous Rose
"Intellectualism is the opposite pole of intelligence; it is very different from the “Illuminated Intellect.” Intellectualism is a mixture of the psychological “I” with the information acquired through the external senses. Intelligence is an attribute of the Being; it is a faculty of the superlative consciousness of the Being. The conscious humanity works with intelligence; the tenebrous mechanical humanity gets its levels of social, economic and political prestige by working with the astute intellectualism, working with the mechanical part of the intellectual center; this means, with the worst part of it." - Samael Aun Weor
The great rationalists and intellectuals are precisely the most torpid and passionate beings who exist upon the earth. The intellectual loses the meaning of a sentence simply because of the lack of a period or a comma. The intuitive knows how to read what the Master does not write and how to listen to what the Master does not say.

- Igneous Rose


"Two types of intellect exist: 1. The commonly known sensual intellect. 2. The intellect which is given by the Being; this is a conscious intellect." - The Revolution of the Dialectic

The common sensual or subjective intellect is the capacity of reasoning and comparing (see Intellectual Animal). Related to the Intellectual Brain or Center, and to the physical brain.

"The intellect is a very precious instrument for the Great Work of the Father, when it is absolutely used for the pure service of the Spirit. A mystic without intellect fails because of lack of culture (see Intellectual Culture). The intellect is satanic when it is used for the service of the internal beast. The intellectual villains (cynics and skeptics) are the result of intellectualism without spirituality." - The Aquarian Message

"The intellect never attains Initiation. Only the heart attains the Golgotha of the High Initiation. The majority of people have their heads filled with absurd theories and ancestral prejudices; they do not open their minds to anything new." - The Revolution of Beelzebub

A complete and comprehensive intellectual understanding of the many aspects of the Path of Initiation.

"To possess an intellectual culture is necessary for the development of clairvoyance. To have an intellectual discipline is necessary for the development of the latent powers, chakras, discs, magnetic wheels of the Astral Body." - Endocrinology & Criminology

"In order to develop positive clairvoyance, it is required to practice the necessary esoteric exercises and to study the best authors of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Yoga, Psychology, etc., etc. Our worst enemy is ignorance; therefore, we recommend our readers study the great works of the female Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, entitled The Secret Doctrine. We also recommend Kundalini Yoga of Sivananda, the books of Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, the books of Dr. Adoum, the books of Rudolf Steiner, etc., etc." - Endocrinology & Criminology

"Every esoterist student must have discipline and intellectual culture. The occultist without discipline and intellectual culture converts himself into a delinquent." - Endocrinology & Criminology

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