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ill bust your fucking melon
whein im rappin i cant help but start yellin
i smoke poppers
while doing backflips over helicopters
i sip on disiel tea with green lobsters in flying saucers
i stay hidden like monsters
whther i be under ya bed
or beneath the stairs
i spit on ya forehead and rip out ya penial hairs
no one really cares
id one punch knockout bears
i take journeys on a magic carpet
why are the chicken wings growing inside my armpit?
my favourite brekfast meal is ham pancakes
you offered me a ciggarete i say no thanks!!
but i appreciate the offer
to be perfectley honest id rather not be a constant cougher
mattlocka rhymes so weaak
please dont ever try and speak
i personally reccomend you get your brain excamined
i rip out your spinnal cord barehanded

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