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haunted by death sleepers
fuck school and teachers
your blood prints lead back to my sneakers
smoked chronic below the bleechers
approached by cheeba creepers
kidnapped by cryptid creatures
raised by nocturnal grym reepers
avoding all goverment heat seekers
givein your old geziers
physcical seizures
mystical bleeders
at the sight of my freightful facial features
meat eaters
tyrasourous rex with meat cleavers
insert them into non belivers
toss they dead body into the neighbors freezers
repersent the w for wu & weezer
get your eyes poked out by my toothpick tweezer
they are 2 kinds of luck
how much you wanna bet yours is bad
you stupid fuck
all sentences end with periods
all my rhymes end mysterious
i leave your brains and horrible lyrical slangs
along with other remains
in the gravel
another victorius rap battle
vulcan death pinch ya adams apple
spit sulfuric acid on ya tunge
rip out and smoke your resido lung
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