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ChristO crouching tiger
Default over china

...just doin' a li'l math...
...11.11 is actually 9.11., november meaning the ninth month, right...
...yeah, the calendar's ahead of me
the challenge of masses catching on will never be
whatever melody dummied us up, selling spree
you telling me, Iím still just tryiní a collect a fee
eleventh hour, is the heavens ours?
heavenís under my feet, if itís over china
africaís overseas west of new jerusalem
when Iím on the beach or boardwalk, look for clues of Ďem
over the waves, who says we no longer slaves
gang war, oldheads saying those were the days
I donít know how many followed me to where Iím at
at galilee...gods sought my trail thru aromatics
ether, '71 born, the show and the prove's on
the high scientist shown as GOD in His true form
I'm tryin' a' fit in the womb with a shoe horn
shell stop frontin' when I'm gushin' the crude on her...
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