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whers As Can Be....Section 3X3 At Last Set Free 1-Wing
Now Before I Begin....Are You Sitting Down & Listening ?
If So I Will Leave Silence Missing U Hear Me Whispering ?
With A Grin Of Sin I'm The Reason The Candles Flickering
My Mandibles Glistening With Ya Blood Infinitely Dripping
Kill You While Sitting I'm Giving Scars Of The Unforgiven
Wetting Domes Like Christenings As Holy Waters Sizzling
My Red Eye Vision Surpass Saito Precision Spells Overcast
Igniting Lightning Bolt Quotes That Sever Ship Masts Fast
Discrete To What The Chief Bronze Feet Speak Don't Ask
I'm The Man In The Opposite Of Dark Mask Forgotten Past
I Scar Throats To Help U Breathe Like The Gills Of A Shark
BK2O1 Flingin' Diamond Wire So Fast Like Neo It Seem Slow
Far From A Friend On The Contrary An Adversary Of Ichigo
Wingfeather Darker Than Crows Old Hollow Soul Still Bellow
Grow Levitating From Below This Fatal Kiss Abyss Hellhole :
Elavating Creating Something That Needs No Exaggerating
A Sacred Sage With Wisdom Of Age I Parade On The Page
The Silhouette Of Death With The Number 4 On My Chest :
Flex My Index U Need To Be Blessed To Recieve My Breath
Blades In Your Back Like Mankind Closelined On Thumbtacks
Fade To Black My Crew A Few Top Cats With Purple Hats....
That Will Put You On Your Back Skull Cracked Body Wrapped
I'm Under Contract By The 9th Section To Bring Back Bedlam
Slap Men & Behead Men With Hands As Cold As November 11
Bring Chills Like Hearing Janet Devlin Sing - Avatar Airbending
Your Wingspan Is Fledgling Forgotten To Never Be Mentioned
I'm A Los Notches Henchman Buenas Noches To Dead Men....
Red Dots On Hopscotch Kids Playing During The Apocalypse
My Hollow Oesophagus Speak The Real Nonsense Monotomous
These Loud Innocuous Monsters Found Placed In Sarcophagus
Awake In Snake Pits Bottomless....Abyss Imprisoned Chrysalis
My Sadow Shift While I Sit 4 Darkness & I Are Always In Sync
Is It Exquisite Observing My Ink ? I've Got More Than U Think :
I'll Put My Arm Through You Jus Because You Fucking Blinked....
The Price You Pay As Such 4 Allowing Your Eyelashes To Touch
And Before They Open....I've Got Time To Burn A Whole Dutch
Then My Hand Thrust Though Ya Stomach & Organs Combust
& As Vision Focus : You Fall Hopeless Wide Eyes Mesmerized
My Design Special In More Ways Than 1 Like Wonderweiss ?
Meet Demise Top 5 Espada Revived Suprise Laughter Of Cries
Elite Feats Of Pride You Don't Wanna See Me Reach For Mine
Like Stepping To Prime....You Might As Well Step On A Mine :
On Purpose Say Goodbye To The Surface Lost : No Searches
Nightmares Resurfaced When I Rehearse This Murderousness
With Verses Beneath The Surface Submersed Gunpoint Urges
& Every 1 Of Ya Shots Miss In This Mist It's Fucking Priceless
Years Since I've Been This Excited The Old Flame Reignited :
& I'm Not Talking About Some Bitch That Was Short Sighted
I Speak Of....The Survived Uninvited On My Right Shoulder :
Studied By Scully & Mulder My File An Unmarked Black Folder
Light Sabre Evader Dark Laser Creater Hands Of Darth Vader
Impressive....Most Impressive : Commended With Insentive
A Neglected Apprentice Whose Got It Foundation Cemented
Empty Essence Chameleon Features My Message Speechlesss
A Silent Thesis Tenchu Procedures Creep Secret In Sequence
Long To Hear The Sound The Soul Makes When It Screeches :
I'm Giving Extacy Like Pills In Stomachs & In Bed Under Sheets
Either Way I'll Take You Off Your Feet Increasing Heart Beats
Before I Reach For 4 Arrows....As Froze Targets Start Quivering
They Shiver From The Stare That I'm Giving My Iris Is Twisting
I Do This For Sport Son For My Fork Tongue Has Begun Licking
The Lips That Your Bitch Be Kissing After The Arrows Collision
Now Taste & Face The Feeling Embrace The Unknown Meaning
Because I Am Endearing To Healing The Hunger Of Your Hearing
But To Date All That I Have To Give Is This Thick Digital Script
Dark Dawn Worn & Torn Mourn & Resist How Long Will It Persist ?
My Will Lifts Spirits Once I Realese My True Gift 4 I Am To Be....
Never Hit My Hand's On Some Magnet Shit : Like Papelbon's Mit
In This Marathon You'll Submit Dig A Ditch When Facing Me Pitch
Crossbow Quills Caress Pages Exquisite Skill Of Vasto Lynguistics
Sorrow Will Find My Lost Wishes I Yeild Shield Complex Simplistics
Remember This Like A Matrix Glitch : There Is Déjà Vu In My Lyrics

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