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Originally Posted by Solid Flame View Post
Whut up!

Im makin beats for a while now but Im still havin problems with makin a decent mix..
Now recently I copped an Mbox2 and pro tools. My question is would U recommend to use the EQ presets f.e. for kicks, snares etc. can I make a legit mix usin them?
Yes and No. If you know nothing about EQ'ing presets are a good starting point but never depend on them because they are someone elses presets on a totally differnt kick. Your kicks and someone elses kick drum are never going to be the same. So ya if you have no idea what you are doing begin with a preset and work your way around that. My best advice is find some info about eqing read about it and just start form scratch. It's going to be a lot of trial and error at first. be patient and stick with it.
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