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...I put my shit out amongst jokers, yeah, hopeless
canít say though I wasnít here or ainít do what Iím síposed to
donít look back, go forward, walk the plank, n$ggas
you want it simple? suck a dill pickle, skank b!+83$
man, who wannaí í86 me, when in í98 see,
con was going to ny to highjack who ainít see
if I couldnít count on wtc to see me
Iíd leave Ďem where I found Ďem, ground zero, easy
if itís about star wars, vador, lucí is q33ny
holmes, donít ask me to decipher sh#t, Iím parapalegic
since gettiní shot to get what you meant to get
Iíll ride that ass Ďtil the very end, or Ďtil you submit
the definition of stress, another rendition aí death
I was blindsided, n#99a, as you prahíly can tell
be a hindsightiní n!66a on his very last breath
but The Father knew they was coming for his life, yep
d.o.d. the 13th, a Friday, 6 of Ď69
if that donít spell where Iím at now, how that sound
yo, wut the-fuk you talkiní Ďbout, fuk is a shingle-skin?
Iím the only sun, a single kin, you thinkiní dim
where Iím from offered no explanation, shit was grim
only time you got is to think again, and I ainít them
who goní ask to be believed in, and anything
I present better believe you goní deal with it
I ainít gettiní benched, put in a casket, nor a psychiatric
facility for who doubt my ability...
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