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I was saying that I thought Michigan was an 8-4 team at best this year and they far exceeded my expectations. I was hyping up Mattison before The season started and he has been a miracle worker for us. Plus we have one of the best classes this year in recruiting in the nation. Brady Hoke does a hell of alot for our program, and if you want to call him a retard or whatever, that is cool with me, the guy is a winner period. Michigan is much more than Denard now, with Toussaint emerging as a legit stud. Him and Denard ran for almost 300 yesterday. That has been the biggest factor in the offense being so productive over the last month.
Braxton Miller has really impressed me this year, and he will be more than a handful next year, and he will be a perfect match for Urban Myer's offense. With that being said, I welcome Urban Meyer and am not worried about him at all. He has a 7-1 bowl record, yet his only loss in a bowl was to Michigan, with Tebow as his qb. His team that dominated OSU in the National championship was led by Greg Mattison's defense. I hope this is the start of another 10 year war between our schools because we need it to be.

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