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lil Em grasshopper

Suddenly I's all awake
think about these nonsense
dreams would ever be ya true prison
who could confess
i'ma go get out
not even an hour
i can't sleep on feather i rather
be on dirt, back on street and same old shit
lead & bleed old story and same told shit
but long as i'm in dream
my life is a cemetery that i see it paradise
long as i'm flyin, i can't be on dirt climbin to get rized
if i want some fore real, i'll go have it
it aint some to dream about, so i gotta grab it
i got no time fo 'imagine-if-it-was' shit
i rather go to hell if i'm with some bitches
in this paradise
yeah, real Hell better than fake heaven
forever real nobody could ever be even
see, i am the first one to sacrifices dreams
to bring the realness
i am the dreamless
don't play roles with me
'till im livin this
A Different Drum...
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