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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post

"Scientists have discovered why the infamous Higgs boson particle, also known as the “God particle,” has been so hard to find: it probably doesn’t exist. This disappointing proclamation comes from scientists at CERN, who told the crowd at last week’s Lepton-Photon conference in Mumbai, India, that their research shows a 95 percent probability that the hypothetical Higgs boson particle is nothing more than a figment of our imagination."

10 billion dollars and 16 years wasted.
The hilarious thing is that quantum physics is basically just postulation without evidence. These guys really have no idea what they're talking about.

We don't even know how something as straightforward as weight works. Weight of course being the result of a mass and the "force" of gravity. The reality is the Higgs Boson particle which allegedly gives objects their mass and the Graviton that does gravity don't even exist and even if they did exist we couldn't find them because they're effectively in-observable.

Not that science doesn't work, but we're no closer to figuring out this would be elementary stuff.

Furthermore science is limited because it can only separate the observed "truth" from the unobserved. You can't disprove things with science, you can only verify their observation. Which fundamentally does not allow you to see truth because realistically truth is not something that can be observed. I mean the reality is if you look at something what you see is what you're observe, not what is there. I mean when we look at a star we can't see the star as it is, we observe what can be observed of the star, and furthermore our observation is incredibly distorted by the dimension of time. In fact to a lesser extent everything we see is the past because light is not instantaneously fast, it is finite, so everything we see no matter how close has in some way changed in the time since our observation took place in the past although we receive it in the present of our consciousness.
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