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The last killa b.

I got grave diggaz like the clan got wallys
but still in the forum i get the rodney
no love
i said i got them killas on the pay roll
but the go actin like my lyrics aint crack
my barz is love potent make whitney relapse

no love

fuck fame i cant take it with me where im goin
just give me perrire joet and sour
knowledge to power, moses split the sea
jesus died, adam built, and all i do is rap

so no love?

They hated on them and they hatin on me 2
look what i am, aint no better then you
these local cats in my city stay on my tip
the reason why they wanna act gay and be like they chick

please no love

2011,last year is old big and pac still gone
we need another rap phenominon and from
the concrete rock another rose

no love

they actin like love is the new credit and im nice
if i get a bail out on that
i can live like 20 life times in my fleshes
this what you get from me
wu brained steve harvey lined poetry
Right outside.
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