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Originally Posted by Socrates92 View Post
Yeh this is what I love about the GZA and Wu in general, a verse can look dope, and then if you think about what it could mean with hidden meanings and shit, you're mind is blown.
yeh but its not just gza and the wu. if u listen 2 'hold u' by masta ace masta ace is supposed 2 represent a rapper in love wit the microphone and jean grae is supposed 2 represent the microphone itself. also in 'unfriendly game' masta ace uses american football terms all the way throughout.
if ur nice to me robbie ill show u how to use a slide rule.
Originally Posted by knewcheeze View Post
at least you fuckin an animal you are giving it pleasure instead of giving it pain.....better karma for you......
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I'm 37 years old, three years away from being 40. I'm getting old but I still feel young. I've had a few people tell me that I look young when I tell them how old iam.

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