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I know what you mean, I never thought that era of hip hop would come to an end but it did and I'm so grateful I was there to appreciate it. I started listening to Wu around 1995, when I was at school I loved their raw beats and meaningful lyrics. I've been feeling different members more so at different points in my life.

My fave album is Wu Chronicles, I love so many tracks from that and then 36 Chambers because it has tracks on it which are classic like Triumph and C.R.E.A.M. That's how I found Wu. Triumph is my all time fave Wu track because every lyric is so tight and the video is so classic too!!! I have my favorite tracks from every album though, and there are soo many solo albums to pick a favorite. I like affiliates like Shyheim and Gravediggaz a lot too, although I know Shyeim switched on Wu, his earlier music was good. I really like RZA's, 'The world according to RZA' album because I love they way he collaborate with so many different people, and that track, Souls on Fire is so beautiful!!

I'm from North West London, who else is from the UK on here?

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